Bring your team together

Middle keeps everyone in the loop
with just a glance

It's a single place for everything that matters

It's easy for anyone to post a quick company update, share interesting articles and ask questions.
Check ins
Know who's around and available. Team members can easily check in when they start their day and out when they are on vacation or a little under the weather.
Keep your team on track and motivated with a visible goal that everyone can work towards.
Make sure no one misses important updates by pinning them to the top.
Award your team when they go the extra mile, engage with the company or accomplish a goal with badges that recognize them and properly celebrate their victories.
An excellent place to store the company handbook, brand guidelines, benefits information, links to company tools and notes like the WiFi password.
Create and store important dates like work events, holidays, birthdays, workiversaries and National Underwear Day… that’s important, right?
Make decisions as a team, like deciding whether to participate in a local 5k as a group or where to order lunch.
Quickly find team contact info and explore profiles to get to know each other better. You might share a favorite movie!

Your team will love it

Available on any device
Access Middle in any web browser or by downloading the free iOS and Android apps.
Team members feel included and valued
Consistent communication, transparency and recognition are important factors in maintaining a team member's happiness and loyalty. These are all things Middle does really well.
Provides minimal distractions and maximum communication
Middle reduces the need for distracting company wide emails and instant messaging tools and still ensures everyone is in the loop about what's happening.
Builds relationships within a team
Your team will have a place to get to know each other better and create real connections. Middle is a great for breaking the ice.
Organizes your company's most requested items
No need to waste time searching for company documents, tools or links. With everything housed in one spot, teams will always know where to find the most up to date items.
It's so simple
When getting up to speed takes 30 minutes a day, your team eventually stops doing it. Middle's dashboard approach was designed to be consumed in a quick glance.
Increases team engagement
Middle is fun for your team to use and will quickly become part of their morning routine. This makes it the most effective tool for team wide communication.
Keeps getting better
Future updates are automatic and free. 

Try it for free

Setup a Middle for your team
No-obligation, 30 day free trial
How much does it cost?
After your free trial, Middle is $100 a month for your entire team. No per-user charges or fees. Bonus: if you pre-pay for a year, it's only $50 a month.
What is the optimal size of a team?
We recommend teams of 5 to 99.
How long does it take to setup?
Creating your team's Middle takes only about 2 minutes. But give yourself a few hours to invite your team members, upload things and customize the experience.
Is there anything to install?
Nope. Middle lives completely in the cloud, and your team will access it like any other website. For a mobile optimized experience, your team members can download the free iOS and Android apps.
Where's the fine print?
Please enjoy our policies and terms of service. It's a real page turner.

Need any help?
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